Test portfolio

The laboratory at ZVVZ-Enven Engineering, a.s. provides for:

  1. Testing the strength and ductility of filtration media, both new and used
  2. Testing the permeability of filtration media, both new and used
  3. Testing the regenerative ability of the used filtration media
  4. Determination of the degree of dust penetration into the structure of the filtration media – digital microscopy
  5. Photographic documentation of the filtration media and elements (cross-sections, details, surfaces)
  6. Determination of surface density, thickness and density in both new and used filtration media
  7. Testing the heat-setting of new filtration media
  8. Chemical analyses of modifications of both new and used filtration media (oleophobic + hydrophobic)
  9. Testing the pH of aqueous extract from a used filtration element
  10. Determination of material of unknown filtration media through a chemical test (indicatively)
  11. Testing the thermal resistance of the surface finish of the supporting basket

With a suitable combination of the above-specified tests, we will obtain the maximum amount of information on the current state of the filtration element and provide customers with important information for their decision-making process.