Acquisition of Equipment Designed for Development and Parameter Verification of Fans

The acquisition of equipment designed for the development and parameter verification of fans

In the framework of the “ZVVZ MACHINERY a.s. Development Project – Acquisition of Equipment Designed for Development and Parameter Verification of Fans” project (Operational Programme Enterprise Competitiveness and Innovation - OP PIK), the Fan Development Centre was expanded and modernised, including construction modifications, the acquisition of measuring instruments and other equipment for the centre: FEA information processing station, testing laptop, sound measurement apparatus, three-hole probe for aerodynamic measurements, oscilloscope with a current probe, lathe, welding machine, box-column drilling machine, aerodynamic lines - Ø 800 and Ø 1000 lines and ultrasound equipment for air flow measurements, two locking plates for fans near aerodynamic lines, new high-voltage current electrical terminal boards, distribution boards and power cables, welding floor mat, balancing machine, ANSYS program licence.

In connection with the expansion and modernisation of the Fan Development Centre, we are able to perform the following tests: measurements of aerodynamic parameters(both scalar and vector quantities)of industrial fans, effective multi-channel measurements of sound parameters simultaneously with aerodynamic parameters, measurements of low levels of fan sound power, fan sound and vibration analyses, vibrodiagnostics of industrial fans and fan impeller balancing, frequency analysis of industrial fan drive power lines, minor modifications of fan components and preparation of own measuring jigs, computer-aided strength, frequency analysis of FEA structural parts.

Detailed description of equipment options:

Testing laptop
The testing laptop and the supplemented apparatus for sound measurements enable to use multiple signal channels, thus, making the sound parameter measuring process more efficient. They are also able to perform a sound and vibration analysis of fan prototypes.

Three-hole probes
Three-hole probes for aerodynamic measurements facilitate a more detailed examination of air mass flow inside the fan which, in addition to information on scalar quantities, makes it possible to obtain information on flow direction, facilitating the optimisation of the designed machines.

We particularly use the oscilloscope with a current probe when designing our own electronic diagnostic devices that we develop as fan accessories in order to improve our competitive advantage. The oscilloscope current probe allows for measurements of current signal of up to 100 A. Therefore, it can also be used to measure the signal on the electric motor supply conductor wire and examine ghost effects causing, among other things, undesired noise emissions.

Workshop equipment
The lathe, box-column drilling machine and welding machine are an addition to the equipment of the technicians’ workshop. We expect that this equipment will expedite the preparation of fan prototypes and their accessories.
Ø800 and Ø1000 aerodynamic lines

We have modernised theØ800 and Ø1000 aerodynamic lines. In comparison to the original four lines incorporated in the laboratory building, we now use only these two, newly supplied lines adapted to the current needs of the development workplace. The modernisation also facilitates parallel measurements of aerodynamic and sound parameters without having to adjust the line, making the measurements significantly cheaper and quicker.

Locking plates
Locking plates with installation grooves allow for the precise fixing of the fan onto the base with appropriate evenness.

Electrotechnical terminal board
The modernisation of the testing laboratory equipment also includes the supply of power electrotechnical terminal boards and wiring with emergency stop safety elements to shut down the drive of the tested fan prototype. These distribution boards substituted the old non-compliant wiring, increased safety and facilitated more efficient electrotechnical work in prototype preparation.

Welding floor mat
The new floor in the hall is protected near the welding and grinding table by a welding floor mat, which also improves the comfort and safety of technicians.

Balancing machine
The balancing machine replaced the obsolete vibrodiagnostic instrument required for the balancing of impellers of the fans measured in the testing laboratory. We also use this tool to diagnose problems that occur in older models reassembled in order to test the effect of improvements to individual parts of the fan.

ANSYS SW and FEA information processing station
The ANSYS software licence enables us to perform strength and frequency analyses of structural parts. The program is operated on the new high-performance information processing station for FEA numerical calculations.

Testing laboratory renovation
This project also included a renovation of the fan testing laboratory. The renovation also included the replacement of the most stressed parts of the floor with the installation of locking plates for the model equipment, replacement of windows, doors and gates, building envelope insulation, construction of a new technicians’ office and sanitary installation, expansion of the technicians’ workshop area and construction of the anti-noise chamber for frequency inverters.