ZVVZ Press Releases

ZVVZ fans are heading to Korea (PR, February 2018)

Cooperation Agreement with China (PR, February 2016)

Milevsko Heating Plant Desulphurisation (PR, February 2016)

Prime Minister Sobotka visited ZVVZ (PR, May 2015)

ZVVZ Group 2014 Results (PR, March 2015)

New General Director of ZVVZ-Enven Engineering, a.s (PR, January 2015)

Organisational changes in ZVVZ MACHINERY, a.s as of 1 September 2014 (PR, September 2014)

Suitcase for first-graders (PR, September 2014); Expression of thanks by Governor Zimola

Changes in ZVVZ MACHINERY, a.s. 2014 (PR, August 2014)

2014 Manager of the Year (PR, April 2014)

ZVVZ Group 2013 Results (PR, April 2014)

President of the Czech Republic visited ZVVZ (PR, February 2014)

New metro line will be ventilated by fans manufactured by ZVVZ MACHINERY (PR, November 2013)

ZVVZ Group organises an open house event on Saturday 24 August 2013  (PR, August 2013)

ZVVZ fan will replace Mitsubishi in Dětmarovice (PR, July 2013)

ZVVZ Group participates in the completion of the Mochovce nuclear power plant (PR, May 2013)

ZVVZ Group increased both sales and profits last year (PR, March 2013)

Visit from the President of the Chamber of Commerce (PR, July 2011)

2010 Economic Results (PR, April 2011)

Recognition for the ZVVZ brand (PR, 29 November 2010)

The ZVVZ Engineering company transforms (PR, 29 September 2010)

ZVVZ prepares an open house event (PR, 10 August 2010)

ZVVZ Group expects sales growth this year (PR, 15 June 2010)

ZVVZ tunnel fans passed the acid test (PR, June 2010)

Economy management of ZVVZ resulted in profit last year  (PR, 27 April 2010)

Intermediate storage of spent nuclear fuel has ventilation ... (PR, 20 April 2010)

ZVVZ fans will help experience adrenaline ... (PR, 8 April 2010)

Changes in ZVVZ: Vlašaný appointed the General Director, ... (PR, 10 February 2010)