Programme for Students and Graduates

Career opportunities for graduates of both technical universities and high schools.

We offer the following to students during their studies:

  • opportunity to participate in a fellowship programme

  • study allowance during the school year

  • opportunity to gain professional experience

  • possibility to consult bachelor’s and master’s theses

  • internship programme and volunteer work options

Applicant requirements:

  • technical field of study similar to ZVVZ’s areas of business (engineering) 

  • good study results 

  • good knowledge of a foreign language

  • interest in further personal development

What we expect of the scholarship recipients:

  • conclusion of a scholarship agreement with ZVVZ

  • participation in an internship at ZVVZ during the studies

  • commencement of employment with ZVVZ after the proper completion of studies

How students can benefit from the ZVVZ programme:

  • opportunity to gain working experience during studies

  • opportunity to get to know the corporate culture and employees at ZVVZ

  • opportunity to commence employment immediately after the completion of studies

Do you have any questions? Write to us.