Areas of Application

Areas of application of the delivery portfolio of ZVVZ-Enven Engineering, a.s.

The main delivery portfolio of ZVVZ-Enven Engineering includes comprehensive deliveries of waste gas treatment equipment to eliminate solid and gaseous pollutants, equipment for pneumatic transport of loose materials, equipment for nuclear power plant air-conditioning and ventilation, equipment for building air-conditioning and industrial building ventilation, mines, tunnels and underground railways.

The above equipment is used in the following areas:

A. Flue and technological gas treatment, pneumatic transport

  • stone, limestone and coal mining and processing
  • iron and non-iron ore processing
  • sugar plants and food industry
  • ceramic and glass industry
  • bitumen coating plants
  • cement and limestone works
  • foundries and cupola furnaces
  • heating plants and boiler rooms
  • waste incinerators
  • paper production
  • production of fertilisers
  • energy production
  • coking plants
  • glass works

B. Air-conditioning and ventilation

  • nuclear power plants
  • industrial buildings
  • public infrastructure buildings
  • residential buildings

C. Ventilation

  • mines
  • tunnels
  • underground railways (metro)

D. Filtering and ventilation

  • population protection buildings
  • nuclear power plant structures
  • buildings for the Ministry of Defence