We provide top quality service in the area of air ecology, industrial ventilation equipment, air-conditioning, pneumatic transport and bulk transport, repairs, servicing and refurbishment of tank semi-trailers manufactured by ZVVZ as well as other manufacturers.

We ensure comprehensive service programmes for accident prevention and operational reliability assurance. The individual programmes are individual with respect to the individual users and technologies. These activities are aimed at obtaining information regarding working order and operational capabilities of the equipment supplied in accordance with new requirements of the operators (customers) for enhancing functionality, improving efficiency and reliability of the equipment. We ensure the reviews of pressure vessels, filtering and ventilation stations of both civil and military shelters, measuring the ventilation parameters of the equipment, operational balancing of fans, frequency analysis of rotating machines, etc.

Long-term service - is carried out in regular intervals on the basis of a service agreement. Based on regular activity, it is possible to diagnose the condition of the equipment, predict potential failures, rate of wear and service life of the equipment. Equipment diagnostics are carried out using modern methods, instruments and computer technology.

For the relevant technology, we are able to ensure emergency service calls and dispatch technicians in the event of a failure or breakdown (e.g. ensuring operation of the boiler room and electrical precipitator, fan in a sugar mill during the sugar campaign, etc.)

Within the service framework, we provide technical assistance, counselling and consultations particularly in the following areas:

  • pneumatic transport, including pressure vessels
  • mechanical transport – screw conveyors, spiral (chute) conveyors, belt conveying, en-masse conveyors, rotary feeders, etc.
  • electrical precipitators, including servicing and management of extra-high voltage sources
  • bag filters – hose, pocket, with pulse regeneration, with regeneration, with backflush, with mechanical regeneration, including sources of compressed air, pressure limiting stations and compressed air treatment
  • laboratory analyses of filtration elements of bag filters
  • mechanical precipitators – louvred, cyclone
  • filtering and ventilation stations of both civil and military shelters
  • fans – radial, axial, multiple-stage (diagnostics, forecasting, balancing)
  • measurements and regulation of ventilation parameters
  • corrosion loss measurements (air ducts, smoke stacks, boxes, etc.)
  • supply of original spare parts, including installation
  • provision of minor, medium-sized and general repairs of equipment

We perform service intervention in the following stages:

  • inspection of the equipment, including diagnostics
  • inspection evaluation – technical report with respect tothe condition of the equipment, including the proposed repair solution
  • submission of the proposal for approval
  • execution of the actual service intervention and/or repair
  • registration of the intervention performed

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