Custom-Made Manufacturing Operation

Smoke stacks, channels and pipelines

They serve to direct and transport an air mass (including abrasive impurities). The pipeline is made of carbon steel or stainless steel and/or aluminium sheets.

Product range: straight and profile parts, flap valves, extension pipes, closing devices, piston valves, safety devices, relieving devices, transition pieces, inspection valves, manholes, weather louvres, flanges, ceiling ducts, canopies and other accessories (frames, attenuators, gaskets, floor basket, suspension clamps, inspection covers, oval and circular doors, protector strainers, etc.).

Areas of application:
in classic, nuclear and gas power plants, heating plants, incineration plants, forging shops, foundry plants, lime works, chemical plants, etc.

Pressure vessels

We manufacture and supply pressure vessels for all types of working media according to the European Directive 97/23/EC (PED) in conformity with the following regulations: AD 2000 Merkblatt HPO / 3834-2 or ČSN  69 0010 or EN 13445. The pressure vessels are manufactured in both horizontal and vertical designs up to the standard volume of 60 m3, a maximum volume of 100 m3 and up to a diameter of 3,000 mm. We supply pressure vessels including structural analysis, design documentation and approvals from TÜV, Bureau Veritas, Lloyd Register.

Authorised person: TÜV SÜD Czech s.r.o., TÜV Nord Tests: pressure, X-ray, ultrasound, penetration tests Accompanying documents: Pressure vessel passport: Certificate of materials used WPR, WPQ.

Pneumatic transport

It is intended for the transportation or feeding of dry, bulk, dust, fine-grained and granulated materials, ground lime, limestone, cement, ready-mix plasters, foundry sand, corn, fly ash, plastics, flour, etc.

Chamber feeders:
for high-pressure pressurised transportation of bulk, powder, grained and granulated materials, material mass flow rate ranges between 10 and 150 tons/hour

Rotary feeders:
PRB – for feeding bulk non-sticky materials, non-explosive environment, volumetric efficiency of feeders ranges between 1 and 19 m³/hour
PRD – mostly for feeding wood waste with max. size of 8 mm, explosive environment, volumetric efficiency of feeder ranges between 40 and 59 m³/hour

Screw feeders:
intended primarily for the transportation of dry, bulk, non-sticky materials such as sawdust, granulated feedstuff, corn, powdered coal, powdered products in the construction industry, fly ash. The volumetric efficiency of feeders ranges between 6.5 and 16 m³/hour

Pressure feeders:
suitable for the transportation of dry, bulk, non-sticky materials such as raw material powder, cement, fly ash, material mass flow rate ranges between 75 and 250 tons/hour

Hopper feeders:
hoppers are intended for the receipt, storage and direct pneumatic transportation of bulk powder, fine-grained and grained materials such as cement, fly ash, industrial materials and fertilisers, foundry ingredients and dry sands, vessel volume between 40 and 90 m³

Steel structures

We manufacture and supply steel structures according to standards:
DIN 18800-7:2002-09, class D or EN 1090-2.

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