Using its own know-how, ZVVZ-Enven Engineering, a.s. offers the following methods of desulphurisation of power sources.

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Each individual desulphurisation technology, as well as each power source to be desulphurised, has its own specifics.

Dry method Semi-dry method with CFB absorber Limestone wet scrubbing
Sorbent Ca(OH)2 NaHCO3 CaO, Ca(OH)2 CaCO3
Technology simple simple moderately difficult difficult
Efficiency 50-60 % 90 % až 93 % až 96 %
Water consuption none none lower, medium** higher**
Product dry dry dry wet
Usable product yes no yes yes
Waste waters no no no yes (minimum)
Pollution source small, medium small, medium medium, large medium, large
Equipment maintenance easy easy easy more difficult (due to the higher number of installed components)

** According to unit size

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Selection criteria for a suitable desulphurisation method

  • Customer requirements
  • Investment and operating costs
  • Existing technology, operation flexibility, regulation options
  • Required desulphurisation efficiency
  • Desulphurisation installation layout options
  • Suitable sorbent availability
  • Technology complexity
  • Method of using the desulphurisation product