Wind Tunnels

Fans for wind tunnels represent the climax of ventilation technology in general.

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Axial mixed flow fans

Standard sizes: 2000 to 8500 mm or according to the needs of particular project (with chamber, with regulating device, etc.)

Standard temperature of transported air mass ranging between -40 and +70°C


  • extensive high-efficiency working area
  • easy operation even at low power
  • aerodynamic regulation by swivelling the rotor blades
  • reliability of operation
  • rotor blade alternative materials

Important references

ISAE Toulouse,

Axial Fans
APH 3350
Input power 870 kW
Rate Speed 754 ot/min
Year of delivery 2017

University Ontario,

Axial Fans
APH 4850
Input power 2930 kW
Rate speed 592 ot/min
Year of delivery 2009

Audi Ingolstadt,

Axial Fans
APH 4000
Input power 2800 kW
Rate speed 800 ot/min
Year of delivery 2006