Advantages of the method

    • circulation of the particles in the absorber, their mutual abrasive action, removal of the treated layer and exposure of non-treated material
    • the sorbent is carried into the reactor in dry powder form which eliminates problems with preparation, storage and injection of the suspension transport routes
    • water and sorbent are added separately into the process which eliminates problems with cleaning the pipeline routes; all water is evaporated as a result of heat generated by the flue gases
    • Ca/S ratio = 1.25 – 1.9 in the broad range of input SO2
    • concentration recirculation of the desulphurisation product, utilisation of the residual hydrate in the product
    • desulphurisation efficiency over 90%, suitable for medium-sized to large sources
    • flue gas temperature is above the dew point which eliminates the need for the installation of special materials
    • a solid desulphurisation product which eliminates problems with waste water