Product handling and utilisation

The desulphurisation product resulting from this method can be used in many ways:

  • The desulphurisation product mainly contains the mixture of calcium sulphate CaSO4, calcium sulphite CaSO3 and calcium hydroxide Ca(OH)2. It also contains a sufficient quantity of calcium carbonate CaCO3. The desulphurisation product itself cannot be used.
  • In the mixing centre, the desulphurisation product can be mixed with flue ash from boilers and mixing water into the so-called stabilised mixture which can be further utilised in the construction industry for subgrade reinforcement, for dumping site and waste depository sealing layers, for landscape reclamation, etc.
  • The stabilised mixture at the outlet from the mixing centre is a wet mix with optimum moisture suitable for immediate processing. It is advisable to process the stabilised mixture in one to six hours from its production.
  • After setting, the technical properties of the stabilised mixture are fundamentally different from the original non-treated feed materials and its properties are similar to those of weak concrete.
  • The stabilised mixture meets all of the requirements, not only technical (physical and chemical) requirements, but also health and environmental protection requirements according to the applicable legislation of the EU and the Czech Republic.