The basic accessories from the ZVVZ production program include heads, roofs, flaps, slides, damping inserts, flange rails and corner pieces, suspension rails, hinges, sleeves, grilles and acoustic covers.

Exhaust heads

Exhaust heads are used for ventilation, exhaust, air conditioning and dedusting equipment, where it is required that the air is blown as far as possible into the open space. They also prevent rain and snow from entering the pipes.


Square roofs are used for air intake from free space or for exhausts without harmful additives.

Round roofs are mainly used for air extraction from the room, but they can also be used for air supply. They are suitable for outdoor installation.

The roofs can be fitted with mesh, which prevents foreign objects from entering the circuit.


The dampers are used to regulate the required amount of air.


Shut-off valves are suitable for closing the exhaust air ducts.

Circular valves are used in connection with the ducts of group I as a separate assembly part for the distribution system of ventilation and air conditioning equipment.

Damping inserts

The damping inserts serve to prevent the transmission of vibrations from the fans to the connected pipes.

Flange rails

The flange rail meets high requirements for tightness and rigidity. It is attached to the pipe by means of indentations or scoring.

Hanging rails

Suspension rails are especially suitable as supporting elements of the fastening system of air-conditioning pipelines, air conditioning, heating, gas, water, etc. In other offered fastening elements it is possible to combine a variable method of assembly of pipelines. The blades are especially in these cases where it is not appropriate to drill into the walls of the pipe (when fixing other types of hinges). They are also very convenient for hanging larger pipes.


The sleeves are intended for hanging group I pipes, SPIRA pipes and FLEXO hoses in a horizontal position.


The grilles are suitable for terminating at the end of the exhaust or intake part of the piping systems of the sk.I piping against the ingress of unwanted solid particles into the air-conditioning piping.

Acoustic covers

Acoustic covers are designed for noise reduction of machinery (eg fans, compressors).