Machine Technology, Cooperation

We offer a broad spectrum of manufacturing technologies (flame cutting, machining, varnishing).


Our machines and equipment

  • TRUMPF laser cutting machine, max. dimensions: thickness 20x2000x6000 at St37
  • Proxima plasma cutting machine, max. dimensions: thickness 200x4000x12000 at St37
  • TUBOSEC plasma cutting machine, elbow pipe/branch pipe segments, etc. max. Ø1400mm, thickness 16mm, without burrs, St37
  • Boschert notching machine, max. dimensions, thickness 6x1500x3000 at St37
  • press brakes
    • TRUMPF max. length 4420mm (40-150 t/m)
    • GASPARINI max. length 4100mm (60-100 t/m)
  • Rondo, Swisstool, Pels bending rolls
    • max. IPE240 - ∅2000mm
    • U240 - ∅2000mm - upright
  • CAN 20.20.10/11 annealing furnace, width: 2000 length: 2000 height: 1000mm
  • MCFV 2080 CNC machining centre, max. workpiece 2030x810x730 – 2010 kg
  • SHW-UniForce6 machining centre, clamping plate 2000x5000 – 10t/m2, lathe table Ø2500mm – 10t
  • MULTICUT 500i machining centre with max. workpiece length 1527mm – 800/1600kg
  • MASTURN 70 automatic lathe, max. Ø800mm above lathe bed – 3000 kg
  • paint shop, sand-blasting equipment, balancing device

Material preparation room

The department processes 12,000 tons of material per year. We can cut profiles, bars and metal sheets.

Mechanical workshop

The mechanical workshop includes a tool room where various clamping fixtures and special tools can be manufactured.

Paint shop

Painting systems applied in paint shops at ZVVZ MACHINERY, a.s. for the C1 - C5M corrosion class are carried out using water-soluble and solvent-based coating compounds.

Final production technology

Bending, welding, dynamic balancing technology, etc.

Flange manufacturing

We manufacture the following types of flanges: full-face, angle flanges made of St37, galvanised and stainless steel. We manufacture according to standards, as well as according to the documentation supplied.

Full-face flanges according to DIN24154

Angle flanges according to DIN24155

Important Contacts

  • Cooperation Implementor - Material Preparation Room, Paint Shop

  • Milan Jiruš
  • +420 382 552 932
  • +420 737 232 346
  • Cooperation Implementor - Mechanical Workshop

  • Libuše Kopečková
  • +420 382 552 929
  • +420 737 232 929