Filter Management

At ZVVZ-Enven Engineering, management of all filters is designed in conformity with the requirements of the selected technology and to achieve optimal economic operation and full automation of operation of the equipment. Control units allow for trouble-free communication with a possible superior control system. In principle, two types of control are used:

Microprocessor-Controlled System (MCS)

The microprocessor-controlled system enables the setting of the pulse duration, interval between pulses and period between individual regeneration cycles. Hose regeneration is controlled by a time switch in two modes:

  • in fixed time mode
  • based on pressure loss in filtration hoses

Programmable logic controller (PLC)

The freely programmable logic controller allows to control all filter modules. The actual hose regeneration control is most frequently designed in two basic modes:

  • mode with variable interval between pulses
  • mode with adjustable pressure loss band

This type of control is used for off-line and on-line EFP type filters of larger sizes. It is also suitable for controlling whole system units.