Off-line bag filters are especially used to filter large volumes of gases, very light and fine dust particles and whenever highly demanding production technology requires long and uninterrupted operation. The filters are mainly used for dust removal technologies in power engineering, metallurgy, the iron and steel industry, incinerators, etc.

The filters are designed as a system of modules mutually interconnected by inlet and outlet ducts. Each module forms an independent filtering unit and is equipped with a pneumatically controlled poppet valve on the outlet and manually controlled valve on the inlet. Module recovery takes place during its short-term shut-down by closing the outlet poppet valve (off-line system). Filter recovery is controlled on the basis of a total pressure drop in the filter and the pressure drop of individual modules by a superior control system that controls the gradual shut-down and cleaning of individual modules.

Possible revision or repairs do not require the filter to be shut down completely. The individual modules of the filter can be closed from both sides, eliminated from the filtration process and, consequently, made accessible for the repair.

In case of a breakdown or if maximum entry temperatures are exceeded, the integrated by-pass piping ensures the filter’s protection.