EFP Bag Filters

EFP bag filters use compressed air to clean the hoses – pulse recovery process. They are used in a wide spectrum of industrial applications, from small-sized devices for dust removal, e.g. silos, to large installations for dust removal from large technological dust pollution sources, such as boilers, blast furnaces, etc.

On-Line EFP Bag Filters

On-line EFP bag filters are especially used to filter more easily separable dust particles in cement works, lime works or stone quarries.

The process of hose recovery takes place during the filter’s continuous operation–on-line.  The gradual recovery of individual rows of hoses is ensured, depending on the pressure drop in the filter or in the fixed-time mode, by a fully automatic control system.

Specific models and sizes of on-line filters are designed individually, depending on the gas and dust properties as well as spatial possibilities.


  • inlet of gas into the hopper
  • side inlet of gas into the filter casing
  • without hopper, for silo ventilation
  • with high pure-gas plenum chamber
  • double filter with integrated inlet and outlet manifold