Electric precipitator diagram

  1. The distribution wall system in the inlet section ensures even gas flow distribution throughout the entire cross section of the electrostatic precipitator.
  2. The following inner parts are attached and fixed inside an airtight casing:
    • passive electrode system
    • high-voltage electrode system
    • screen sheets and other elements
  3. High-voltage electrodes are powered by rectified extra high voltage through the high-voltage electrode system suspension
  4. High-voltage electrode system of each electrical field (section) is suspended on conical supporting insulators
  5. High-voltage electrodes are fixed inside rigid tubular frames
  6. Passive electrodes are cold-rolled profiles made from deep-drawn steel sheets
  7. High-voltage and passive electrodes are revived (cleaned) by the chipping systems, using hammers and bumpers, within the set cycles
  8. As a result of chipping, the separated dust falls into the hoppers