1️⃣ ZVVZ has 5 new projects - we present 1/5 or Another bag filter for Kazakhstan

We present 1/5 of new projects - bag filter for Kazakhstan

07.09.2022 Public news #zvvz

At the end of June this year, the signing of the contract concluded more than a year of efforts to obtain a contract for the supply of dust removal equipment for the AZF metallurgical plant in the Kazakh city of Aksu.
The delivery includes a large bag filter EFP (with a device for removing trapped dust and a control system) extracting almost 1 million cubic meters of polluted air every hour, which comes from ferroalloy furnace No. 42 of the Aksu plant. The adopted technical solution then makes it possible to guarantee the output dustiness behind the filter up to 10 mg/m3. The fact that the ZVVZ GROUP has delivered six similar devices to this combine since 2010, with a total value of more than 500 million crowns, speaks for the customer's satisfaction.
It is impossible to prepare offers of this scale and then convince the customer to sign a contract with our company without the cooperation of a team composed of experts from the entire company. It is therefore appropriate to thank these colleagues.
In the coming months, work will continue on the preparation of a technical solution and subsequent deliveries of equipment for dedusting other furnaces of the AZF Aksu metallurgical plant.