Tube fixation

The clean gas plenum and the working part of the bag filter are mutually separated by a tube sheet in which filter tubes with supporting cages are hermetically sealed. ZVVZ-Enven Engineering offers two original methods of tube fixation.

A) tube fixation method for installation from the clean side of the bag filter (EFP-type filters)

The tubes are hermetically sealed in the tube sheet using an elastic rustproof snap ring. A supporting cage is inserted into the tube; the cage, together with the Venturi tube and the upper skirt of the tube, ensures perfect fixation of the tube in the tube sheet opening. The system of fixation of the tubes is very simple and reliable, and no other connecting parts and no tools are required during the tube replacement.

B) tube fixation method for installation from the working part of the bag filter (EFV-type filters)

The Venturi tube is firmly and hermetically fixed to the bottom part of the tube sheet and the supporting cage and the tube are attached to it. Given the tightness of the seal, the upper rim of the tube is bent into the cage and fixed with a galvanized clamp.

By-pass poppet valve

The by-pass poppet valve protects the tubes in case of a sudden increase in gas temperature. During operation, it hermetically separates the working and clean sides of the filter. If the permitted temperature is exceeded, it opens and ensures the flow of the gas outside the area of the tubes.

It is designed to react promptly and work reliably. It works reliably even in a corrosive environment. It is controlled by a pneumatic cylinder with limit switches, which register the position in the filter control system.