EFV ventilation bag filters

These filters are designed to separate solid particles from the gas flow during silo degasification 
and during local exhaustion of small gas quantities up to 6,000 m3/h and at temperatures of 
up to 140°C.

The installation and replacement of hoses is carried out from the working end of the filter through the side door, which is also used to check the hoses. EFV bag filters are supplied 
to the construction site fully assembled, the control unit included, and are available in several  

Provedení filtru

  • filter without hopper installed directly onto the flange of the silo or onto the conveyer guard
  • filter with hopper, airtight discharge chute and steel load-bearing structure
  • filter with ventilator integrated in the chamber for clean gas
  • filter with outlet flange for connection to the exhaust piping
  • pressure filter with gas discharge outlet directly into the surrounding environment

EFV bag filters