About us

ZVVZ holding consists of several joint-stock companies, each of which operates individually. However, they cooperate in creating solutions for complex projects and therefore use the synergistic effect.

The key business activities include development, production, supply, installation and service, especially in the areas of flue gas cleaning, separation and filtration, fans, nuclear energy, HVAC and pneumatic transport. Furthermore, the production of silos and tankers or Contract manufacturing according to own or third-party documentation and more.

ZVVZ complements its production, design and service activities with regional activities in the field of thermal energy distribution.


ZVVZ GROUP Shareholding Interests


A commercial and production company that owns know-how for supplies of fans, silos and tanks, valves. It arranges production according to third-party documentation for both ZVVZ-Enven Engineering, a.s. and for third-party customers. It is a specialized supplier for Megtec. It supplies air conditioning ducts and silencers for light operations.

ZVVZ-Enven Engineering, a.s.

A commercial and engineering company that designs, supplies and implements equipment for the purification of waste gases from solid and gaseous pollutants, equipment for pneumatic transport of bulk materials, equipment for air conditioning and ventilation of nuclear power plants, air conditioning of buildings and ventilation of industrial buildings, mines, tunnels and subways.


It arranges energy supplies for the group’s companies. It also arranges heating supply for the city of Milevsko. Its main activities include the production and distribution of heat energy, supply and distribution of electric power, water supply and distribution, purchase and distribution of technical gases, production and distribution of compressed air..

ELWO Engineering Sp. z o.o.

Is a company offering complete solutions in the field of dedusting devices used in power heating and other industries.