Machine Technology, Cooperation

We offer a wide range of production technologies (burning, machining, painting).

Our machines and equipment

  • TRUMPF laser cutting machine, max. dimensions: thickness 20x2000x6000 at St37
  • Proxima plasma cutting machine, max. dimensions: thickness 200x4000x12000 at St37
  • TUBOSEC plasma cutting machine, elbow pipe/branch pipe segments, etc. max. Ø1400mm, thickness 16mm, without burrs, St37
  • Boschert notching machine, max. dimensions, thickness 6x1500x3000 at St37
  • press brakes
    • TRUMPF max. length 4420mm (40-150 t/m)
    • GASPARINI max. length 4100mm (60-100 t/m)
  • Rondo, Swisstool, Pels bending rolls
    • max. IPE240 - ∅2000mm
    • U240 - ∅2000mm - upright
  • CAN 20.20.10/11 annealing furnace, width: 2000 length: 2000 height: 1000mm
  • MCFV 2080 CNC machining centre, max. workpiece 2030x810x730 – 2010 kg
  • SHW-UniForce6 machining centre, clamping plate 2000x5000 – 10t/m2, lathe table Ø2500mm – 10t
  • MULTICUT 500i machining centre with max. workpiece length 1527mm – 800/1600kg
  • MASTURN 70 automatic lathe, max. Ø800mm above lathe bed – 3000 kg
  • paint shop, sand-blasting equipment, balancing device



Material preparation

We have all the equipment for processing sheets and profiles of various materials such as classic steel, stainless steel, aluminum and more.

The basic equipment includes several cutting machines, lasers, rolling machines, press brakes, scissors, see. also list below.

Mechanical workshop

It is equipped with several and machining centers, lathes, also has machines such as a boring machine see list below.

The machine shop has a tool shop at its disposal, where various clamping jigs and special tools can be made.

Balancing center

The center has an experienced staff, which is primarily used to balance the rotors of ZVVZ fans, can offer its services to other customers 

Paint shop

Coating systems applied in paint shops ZVVZ MACHINERY, as for the degree of corrosive aggressiveness of the environment C 1 - C 5 M are performed with water-soluble and solvent paints.

Production of flanges

We produce the following types of flanges - flat, angled mat. St 37, galvanized and stainless steel. We manufacture according to standards, but also according to the supplied documentation.


Contact us

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