Peter Bodnár will be the President of ZVVZ GROUP holding

Ing. Petr Bodnar moved to the new position: President of ZVVZ GROUP Holding.

31.08.2022 Public news #zvvz

At the end of July, after agreement with the owner of the company there was a planned controlled move of the ZVVZ GROUP´s CEO, Ing. Petr Bodnar, to the position of the company's President. After the successfully implemented changes in the restructuring of the group, the mutual synergistic functioning of all holding companies will continue.. Peter Bodnár will transfer his experience inside and outside the ZVVZ GROUP holding and, in particular, represent the company's interests in this honorary position in relation to key partners, associations, alliances and other third parties in both local and foreign markets.

As Chairman of the Board of Directors of ZVVZ GROUP Peter was replaced by Ing. Bohumila Chrappová and thus the continuity of the entire process and further continuation of the established trend is ensured, which was further strengthened from the position of Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors Ing. Antonín Koukolík, newly responsible for the areas of strategy and transformation of the Group, and the new member of the Board of Directors Ing. Petr Dvořák, responsible for the holding's finances. Further changes or additions to the Boards of Directors occurred in ZVVZ-Enven Engineering, a.s. and ZVVZ MACHINERY, a.s.