Complex processing

The traditional and basic content of ZVVZ production includes flue gas ducts and air ducts both in-house production and according to the customer's design and requirements. ZVVZ supplies ducts of various sizes, including shaped parts, such as transitions, bends, feet and support structures. Flaps, various closures and other elements are also an integral part of pipeline routes.

ZVVZ is able to implement the delivery, including workshop drawings or static calculation. We usually work with various types of materials, including stainless steel, as well as it is possible to choose any surface treatment. We are able to produce elements of cross-sections / diameters of several X meters.

Flue gas ducts, ducts and pipes

It is used to direct and transport air (including abrasive additives). The pipes are made of carbon or stainless steel or aluminum sheet.

Products: straight and shaped parts, flaps, compensators, closures, slides, safety devices, relief devices, transition parts, inspection closures, manholes, rain blinds, flanges, roof passages, roofs, heads and other accessories (frames, dampers, seals, floor basket, hanging sleeves, inspection lids, oval and round doors, protective screens and others).

Areas of application:
in conventional, nuclear and gas power plants, heating plants, waste incinerators, forges, foundries, lime plants, chemical plants, etc.