The joint-stock company ZVVZ-Enven Engineering, as was established on 21 December 2006 with the capital entry of the traditional supplier of air-conditioning equipment ZVVZ as into the company ENVEN as and the incorporation of the Engineering division ZVVZ as into this new company. The strategic merger of the two companies took the first step towards the further dynamic development of the company and the creation of strong modern engineering, which aims to become one of the key European suppliers in environmental engineering.

ZVVZ-Enven Engineering continues to supply equipment for the purification of waste gases from solid and gaseous pollutants, equipment for pneumatic transport of bulk materials, equipment for air conditioning and ventilation of nuclear power plants, air conditioning of buildings and ventilation of industrial buildings, mines, tunnels and subways and plans to expand methods of cleaning gases from gaseous pollutants. The new company ZVVZ-Enven Engineering, as builds on the good name, work and references of previous companies and its parent company ZVVZ as

To date, thousands of facilities have been built in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, Spain, Denmark, Iceland, Poland, Bulgaria, Serbia, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan and Saudi Arabia. You will find our equipment in various operations of cement plants, smelters, heating plants, incinerators, power plants, mines, tunnels and the metro. In addition to the Czech Republic and Slovakia, the company is intensively focused on foreign markets and already has sales offices in Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria and Poland. The demand for our equipment is constantly growing and satisfied customers are increasing.

Dear customers, ZVVZ-Enven Engineering, a member of the ZVVZ GROUP, is ready and wants to become your good partner, which will help you solve all questions and problems associated with the purification of polluted gases leaving your technological sources, issues and problems with pneumatic transport, s industrial ventilation and light air conditioning.

We are ready and offer you assistance in the preparation of technical studies up to implementation projects, deliveries and turnkey implementation of complete equipment of our supplier program and, last but not least, all service services, when we take over your equipment into our care.

We look forward to working with you.