3️⃣ ZVVZ has 5 new projects - we present 3/5 or the Contract with Heating plant in České Budějovice

We present 3/5 new projects - Contract with Heating plant in České Budějovice

05.10.2022 Public news #zvvz

In 2020, Heating plant České Budějovice completed a long-term business concept entitled Strategy for a green city in the years 2020–2048. The aim of the document is further greening of operations, diversification of the fuel mix and gradual replacement of brown coal with locally available emission-free and renewable energy sources.
This plan was continuously monitored, and already at the beginning of 2021 we partially participated in the preparation of the proposal for technological changes for the transition to burning biomass. Following the publication of one part of the mentioned concept under the name "Retrofit Kotle K12 Heating plant České Budějovice a.s." we approached the company INVELT SERVIS s.r.o. and started negotiations on future cooperation. After several months of hard work, we reached an agreement on the scope of our deliveries and activities in the implementation of the replacement of the electro-precipitator for a fabric filter. The culmination of our efforts was the approval of the submission of the final offer and the approval of the signing of the contract for the work.
We thank all members of the project team and other colleagues who participated in the processing of the offer and contract documents.