Our team of professionals provides warranty and post-warranty service, regular maintenance and technical support during operation.

Our team of professionals assembles all of the equipment and puts fans into operation, provides both warranty and post-warranty service of radial, axial and special fans in various operations throughout the world.

Warranty service – during the warranty period, we carry out scheduled inspections specified in the operating regulations with regard to the particular operation.

Post-warranty service – we carry out inspections and diagnostics of fans, including recommended repairs and implementations thereof.

Spare parts – we ensure deliveries of spare parts, including installation.

Scope of activities to ensure reliable fan operation:

  • vibrodiagnostics (analysis of fans, condition of bearings, etc.)
  • alignment of couplings, including intermediate shaft, using optical measurement (laser)
  • fan operation optimisation
  • warranty/post-warranty reviews
  • provision of maintenance and repairs
  • supply of spare parts, including installation