Underground Mine Ventilation

ZVVZ mine ventilators meet all the demanding requirements to ensure reliable ventilation of mines, including gaseous mines.

More about ZVVZ Machinery

Axial constant-pressure fans

Only standard sizes: 710 to 4,500 mm in a series of selected R20 numbers. Transported air mass temperature of up to +250°C


  • traditional product
  • low investment costs
  • low maintenance costs
  • simple aerodynamic regulation by swivelling the blades of the control device
  • operation reliability
  • non-explosiveness

Reversible axial overpressure fans

Standard sizes: 2,000 to 5,000 mm or according to the needs of a particular project. Standard temperature of transported air mass ranging between -40 and +70°C


  • extensive high-efficiency working area
  • easy operation even at low power
  • aerodynamic regulation by swivelling the rotor blades
  • operation reliability
  • rotor blade alternative materials

Important references

Darkov Mine, Karviná, Czech Republic

Axial Fans
ARA 3550
Input power 2800 kW
Rate speed 600 ot/min
Year of delivery 2002

Koh-i-noor Mine, Horní Jiřetín, Czech Republic

Axial Fans
APH 1120
Input power 12,5 kW
Rate speed 960 ot/min
Year of delivery 2015

Lazy Mine, Orlová, Czech Republic

Axial Fans
ARA 3550
Input power 2460 kW
Rate speed 600 ot/minn
Year of delivery 2003