Field of application of the filtering device

A filtering device is designed for the capture of radioactive aerosols, iodine and iodine compounds in the ventilation systems of nuclear power plants and equipment with a similar character of operation. They significantly contribute to ensuring safety requirements under normal, emergency and post-emergency operating conditions.

The filtering device can be used for the renovation of existing technical ventilation systems of nuclear power plants, as well as for newly built nuclear power plants.

It can also be used in the fields of research, production and radioisotope application or, possibly, in nuclear medicine.

The device is fully compliant with the tighter requirements of the German and U.S. nuclear power plant standards.

Description of the filtering device

The filtering device features a modular design. The design of individual components allows to combine the individual modular parts with regard to:

  • the required function of the relevant ventilation system in individual operating modes
  • the required degree of filtration of solid and liquid aerosols and radioactive gaseous contaminants
  1. Devaporising plant
  2. Electrical heater
  3. Preliminary aerosol filter
  4. High-efficiency aerosol filter
  5. Connecting parts
  6. Iodine filter


Technical parameters of the filtering device

  • nominal air flow 1 700, 3 400, 6 800, 8 000, 10 200 m3.h-1
  • for higher flows, it is possible to compound devices with the above capacities in paralle
  • separation capacity of the filtering device during air filtration is at least 99,95 %
  • separation capacity is at least 99.99%for radioactive aerosols