We are a long-term and, thanks to our experience and practice, a reliable partner (since construction) of the Temelín NPP operator and suppliers of logical units for service and maintenance. As part of the concluded work contracts, we perform planned and accidental maintenance of the installed air-conditioning equipment at the Temelín nuclear power plant, as well as the assembly, adjustment and commissioning of the equipment as part of investment projects. These are special activities in the field of service and installation work of air-conditioning and ventilation equipment; for work at nuclear power plants, precisely given conditions apply to workers, which they must first meet before entry is allowed. These conditions are regularly renewed - by training, examination by means of PC tests, medical examination, psychological examination, etc. Furthermore, these workers have various trainings for individual facilities and other professional authorizations. There is a very high demand for flawless work (guilt is due to the human factor). All work is strictly documented.

Range of service and installation activities for NPPs

  • Fans
  • Air conditioning units
  • Cooling air conditioning units
  • Shut-off, regulating and fire dampers
  • Hermetic closures
  • Air filtration
  • Special filtration equipment for the capture of radioactive aerosols, iodine and iodine compounds
  • Silencers
  • Air ducts, including fittings and accessories
  • Assembly works