The production of silos and tanks in ZVVZ has a tradition of more than sixty years. ZVVZ MACHINERY manufactures silo and tank semi-trailers and superstructures for the transport of bulk materials and liquid waste. It also offers their service and repairs.

Transportation of bulk materials

Transport trailers designed for the transportation of loose dry, bulk and granulated materials (building materials, food, feedstuff….) are made of aluminium alloys in conformity with Directive 2014/68/EU. Semi-trailers, both tipping and non-tipping, superstructures and trailers, in food-grade or ADR version.

Transportation of liquid waste

NCR-type semi-trailers are designed for transporting waste water, liquid waste and digestate. Made of steel or stainless steel, they are manufactured in a road version for standard semi-trailer trucks and for truck with Rb4 homologation. For these purposes, it is also possible to manufacture a modified aluminium “cement” semi-trailer equipped with a pump and other technological elements facilitating liquid waste filling and discharging.


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